Dresses, Wine and Frankenfeesh!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So this past weekend Tyson had to go up to San Mateo for band stuff (Album number 3 is ALMOST ready to go! woo hoo!) So I decided to tag along for the ride.

I met Avideh for breakfast and then we headed out to Livermore to try on dresses with Jonathan (Frankenfeeeeeesh!) We found some great ones. I went out there to try on a dress I have been drooling over for months now, and the dress shop had that designer, but not THE dress. Oh well. We tried out several different styles & dresses from a number of designers. Check out the photos below (It was freaking HOT in Livermore, so please disregard the messy pony tail & general grossness that was me)

It was so great to have Jonathan and Avideh there! Jonathan knew exactly what was right and what was wrong with each dress! I can't wait to see what he comes up with!

After the dresses, we headed over to Cedar Mountain for a little wine tasting. They charge for tasting now, but I suppose that is because they were really busy...they must have been 'discovered' because it was just not the same. Wine was as good as ever though.

After Cedar Mountain, we went over to Concannon to taste & see the set up for Jonathan's play. What a fantastic setting for a play!

All in all, it was a wonderful day, and I am SO glad I finally was able to catch up with BOTH Jonathan and Avideh!


erin said...

i like the strapless ... que cute!

Lisa said...

I like #4!