Save the Date!

Monday, July 20, 2009

My awesome friend / photographer / artist / bridesmaid JD took our engagement photos a few weeks ago, and then designed some save the dates for us to send out to our friends & family for our HAWAII WEDDING in May! They are so cute! And she somehow made us look like models. She is a rockstar, and I am SO blessed to have her!

We took a whole bunch of other pictures that day too which turned out AMAZING! (I am waiting for her to put her copyright / signature on them & then I will post!)

We are getting excited! I booked a wedding photographer this week, who I cant wait to work with! I feel like I have made progress, I have about 97% of all the save the dates sent out, thanks to Mom & Brooke for stuffing 98 envelopes!! Still waiting for a few straggling mailing addresses, and am getting my list solidified as they dribble in...


Baker said...

Yay! I got this in the mail and nearly squealed with delight!! Morgan! What would I have done without Facebook? You would never have found me. And I would have missed this. Thank goodness I'm not! I'm beyond excited!!! Man, I love you guys! SUCH a cute couple too! :)