Welcome to the new millenium!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Soooo... I have finally joined the new millenium! This past weekend Tyson & I finally bought a camera that works AND takes VIDEO! After the whole married on myspace deal, we realized we are the only people left who do not have some way of recording themselves for various internet video applications. So we took care of the problem. Got a very nice Lumix by Panasonic. Takes as much video as your memory card can handle. Woo hoo! Look forward to videos of our fish in the near future (they are much more interesting than we are...LOL)

Yesterday, I was told I have to sign up for Skype. My boss / father / gadget guy is going on a trip to Europe, and is tired of the rdiculous cell phone bills this sort of trip generates. So now I am on skype! morgan.lund add me if you want to chat for FREEEEEEE! I even got a nifty new headset with microphone, so it will actually work! I still dont have a web cam...but hey! I am catching up. I will get there. On second thought...maybe I dont need one. Since most of the time I am sitting here in my jammies with no make up & a floppy pony tail. no one needs to see that....

So, we took a bunch of pics & random videos with our cool new toy over the weekend...they are not all that interesting or anything, but whatever....something to waste time with. Better stuff to follow...I promise!

I'm kind of a big deal...and I'm chopping garlic for TOASTS! (we had company...otherwise it's no fat, no salt, no alcohol, no fun! Still lots of garlic though....gotta have SOMEthing!)

The garlic I chopped :)

The evil dessert Spencer brought us

Tyson is ready for dinner!

And finally...the new, bigger, better fish tank....and LOTS of little guppies!