Baby guppies!

Monday, April 6, 2009

So Jerry (our yellow guppie) tortured Kramer (the orange one) to death....literally. Poor guy didn't stand a chance. Jerry is such a jerk.

So after flushing Kramer, the tank just didn't seem as much fun we picked up a couple girl guppies. Susan & Elaine. We think Elaine must be pretty young, because she is so far getting away

However, Susan is a big fishie ho, and got herself knocked up right away. Last night while we were sleeping, she had her babies. Unfortunately, we didn't anticipate this soon enough, and woke up to babies in the main tank. The bummer part...we only managed to save 3 babies from becoming breakfast....seems their brothers & sisters were quite the feast last night. George looks like he just finished thanksgiving dinner, and is thoroughly uninterested in his regular food. Susan is doing fine, but she is still fat, and we are not completely sure she is done having babies....we are keeping an eye on her...just in case.

We ordered a bigger tank last week, and it's taking forever! Hopefully it's done soon so we can move everyone into a bigger home.