Maybe I do have something political to say

Friday, October 31, 2008

I usually keep most of my politics to myself...usually...sometimes I will comment on other people's opinions, but I'm not usually one to bring it up. I do have an opinion, and a pretty strong one at that....but I don't start the fire...usually.

However, in this election, I am afraid we are looking at 2 candidates that are after generally the same thing...MORE GOVERNMENT. So, after careful consideration all during the campaign process (and my guy dropping out of the race - Ron Paul was the ONLY hope for America) I have come to the decision that I am not voting for either of the main stream candidates.

Don't get me wrong, I am voting, mister! I will be at the polls with my fellow citizens, and I will be placing my vote. I will, however, be voting for a 3rd party candidate.

I thought it was funny earlier this week when I recieved a phone call from a political know those calls where they call you up at dinner time & ask a billion questions about who you are voting for & why....

So, this lady on the phone begins asking me questions about what props I am voting for, and who I want vote for for some local stuff, and then she asked about the presidential election:

Lady: are you going to vote for McCain or Obama?
Me: neither
Lady: so you are undecided?
Me: no, I have decided, I am not voting for either mainstream candidate, I am voting 3rd party in this election.
Lady: so you are not going to vote for president?
Me: no, I AM going to vote, I am voting 3rd party because I refuse to accept that we have to choose between 2 bad choices. I know who I am voting for. Are you interested in who that is?
Lady: I will put you down as undecided. Thanks for your time. *click*

How did she get undecided from what I said? Or is the system so full of its self that there is simply no room for candidates who dont fit into one of their 2 categories? Last I CA there are 5 choices for is me voting for one of the other 3 mean I am undecided?

THAT, my friends, is why we will NEVER get a decent Presidential candidate in this counrty. I was a little upset during the primaries when it came out that several states were not counting Ron Paul votes, but I didnt realize just HOW fixed this whole thing is until that call. Amazing. No wonder people don't vote. What is there really to vote ON? It's already decided for us.

I remember during the bail-out crisis...when Barbara Boxer (california senator) said ON THE NEWS that she had more calls, letters, and emails from constituents in her state than she had ever had on any issue ever before, but that she disagreed with what her Californians wanted, so she was going to vote FOR the bail out. Seriously?! She doesn't care what we want??? I thought our Senators represented US? I hope she finds herself unemployed soon...that is wrong on so many levels.

Still, if you don't vote, you can't complain, so I will place my vote on Nov. 4th with my fellow Californian's. I know that regardless of who I vote for, my state will be supporting Obama, but I think it's important that I vote for who I think is the BEST option, and not just what "they" want me to pick from....whoever "they" are.

Not very Halloweeny, this post, but definitely scary!


Baker said...

Well stated. And it IS scary. America is headed for more ugly, I'm afraid...

Anonymous said...

Yo Mugs,

It is a shitty situation to be in. That pollster that called you was a grade A bone-head. Why does voting 3rd party confuse the dummies?

I believe one of the major problems is with the electoral college. I think if the winner was based on the popular vote, a 3rd party candidate might stand a chance of winning instead of just upsetting the party that they are the most similar to. (Perot - H W Bush) (Nader - Al Gore).
I think that a democrats vote in Utah should count, and a Republicans vote in NY and Cali should count. And of course a 3rd, 4th or 5th party vote should count regardless of which state they live in. In the current system, people get worried that their state's electoral votes will go to the person they really dislike instead of the person they kind of dislike.

I say do it American Idol style and demolish the college. But, maybe I'm just a cockeyed optimist, like Billy Mumphrey... (Seinfeld reference, sorry:)

Anonymous said...

Also, I know you're a busy lady...

But you need a cool background picture for your Blog. Flat Grey is-a-no-goodahh (Pronounced like an Italian guy would say it).
I found my blog's background picture on Photo Bucket I think. I searched for background images and got a lot of options. If you want to and you need some help putting the picture in to your blog I can help you do it. Its a little complicated but no big deal. Happy Voting Day Mugsy. J

Morgan said...

Thanks Jelly!

Love the Seinfeld reference. :) I agree, the electoral college confuses matters, and very few people actually understand how it works. There have actually been a few presidents that won the popular vote, but lost the actual election due to the electoral college system. Crazy, huh?

Anyhoo, the founding fathers warned us against a two party fact when it all started, there were actually as many as 5 big parties. Wouldn't THAT be nice? If we had FIVE viable candidates? AWESOME!

And...I kinda liked my cool dark grey back good? I like that it's easy to read. I suppose I could use the photo from my myspace background...its pretty cool.....

Anonymous said...

5 candidates would make it much more interesting.
Some argue that a two party system is inevitable as it slowly evolves that way naturally. Most issues are agreed upon. It is only a couple issues that polarize most of us. So people choose sides, and groups gradually narrow to 2 to ensure that those polarizing issues go their way.
Yeah your MySpace background would be perfect. But, if you like the gray, then I like the gray. Talk to you latuh Mugs.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!.. belated by a day. Hope it was a good one.