A fall weekend

Monday, October 27, 2008

Me / Black Jack (Craig) / Tyson
Black Jack MAY have been the best costume at the party! Although LJ's big bad wolf & Larry's ghostbuster were pretty awesome too!
We had a pretty good weekend. Friday night we attended Marla's "Best of Halloween" party. We were late putting together our costumes, so we just threw together stuff we already had. Tyson went as an army guy (wore my uncle's old army shirt, some green pants & a hat I picked up at Target) and I went as a witch....AGAIN. I have a very cool witch hat, and since I was at Target anyway, I picked up a black dress, and a black wig (blonde witches are not very convincing!) We had a good time. We caught up with some of my friends, and that was nice. Saw a few people I hadn't seen in a really long time.

Satruday we watched some HGTV and relaxed, and then went out to Rowland Heights to get Tyson a hair cut. It turned out great - as usual. Totally worth the drive, and on the way home....you guessed it! BOILING CRAB! It was delicious of course, and they added clams to the menu...SO GOOD! Too bad crawfish are out of season, and they were frozen...oh well. the shabang was great regardless.

Last night we had our families over for pea soup & tri-tip. Mom made her famous funeral potatoes & Tyson's mom brought home made oatmeal cookies. So delicious! I am STILL full! I figured out how to get that good hammy flavor in the soup. I fried up bacon in the pan before sauteeing the onions & garlic....so good! Then of course simmered the crap out of it with 2 ham hocks in there. It was a hit! Tyson is usually the cook, but soups are my domain. I'm learning how to make them better, and it's fun to be able to contrinute SOMEthing to the dinner.

Anyhow, a generally good weekend.

Looking forward to Halloween! :)


Baker said...

I love it! Remember how Halloween was our "holiday?" We used to trick-or-treat till our feet hurt! And decorate cookies! Fun memories. Love the costumes picture. Whoever though of Black Jack is hilarious. Happy Halloween!
And we'll be seeing you on our next visit to CA. For sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mugs,

Do you get a virus blocker advertisement when you go to my blog? My brother told me he is getting one, but I have tested my blog on all browsers and Im not getting anything like that. Thanks J
By the way, Black Jack is an awesome idea for a costume.